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A Brief Introduction

Inland sea kayaking is an excellent alternative to freshwater for several reasons. It allows participants to enjoy gorgeous scenery while paddling their oars through relatively calm waters. By being inland, the kayaker can see what the coast looks like from out at sea. At the same time, they are close enough for emergency rescue teams to spot and reach them if their kayak becomes swamped or capsizes.

Sea Caves

Part of the appeal of this form of kayaking is that it allows people to explore sea caves that are too long for swimmers and too narrow for other types of boats. In numerous coastal communities, an entire tourist industry has been based around sea cave tours. It is common to see novice kayakers enjoying this activity. All they have to do is paddle in one direction through the cave until they reach the exit.


Before trying inland sea kayaking, people need to be aware of the essential safety protocols. An instructor can inform them of these when they try the sport for the first time. One of the most vital things to remember is that the life jacket should be worn at all times. When going out alone, the kayaker should check the tides and weather conditions. It can be very dangerous to kayak when it is stormy and rough. When in doubt, it is a good idea to ask for advice from a kayaking expert.